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7 Topics to Talk About on a First Date

Dating is exciting! However, in the beginning, it can also be quite nerve-racking. There are so many things you think about before going on a first date such as: what will you wear, what if the moment of awkward silence takes place, what topics will you talk about, etc. 

Good news though! We at Blindlee have come up with 7 topics you can talk about in case you run out of ideas or get super nervous. Don’t worry, it happens to the mighty ones too. Being prepared can help you feel more in control.

In other words, if awkward silence knocks on your door, don’t open it! Reanimate the conversation with the following topics and have it flow smoothly.

1. Nicknames Growing Up 

The majority of us have had, or still have, at least one nickname. This can be a great and fun topic since kids are very creative and you’ll most likely spend quite some time laughing together.

2. Guilty Pleasures-Splurging

This question is perfect because it will give you an idea of what they’re really into. If the date goes well, you’ll know what type of gift you’ll get them for Valentine’s day. 

3. The Most Fun Period in Their Life

We all have a favorite period in our life. For some, it was when we were kids and went to Disneyland with our friends. For others, it was high school when we could be silly and forgiven easily.  Go down the memory lane, you’ll find some good stuff there.

4. Traveling and Favorite Destinations

This is an excellent topic as there’s plenty to talk about. For instance, ask your date what they think about your favorite destination. Get the conversation going! Lets be honest here, who doesn’t like traveling? 

5. Favorite Food

This topic is here for a very simple and obvious reason. We all like food. Not all of us like to cook it, but we all certainly enjoy consuming it. Therefore, find out what your date likes and if they like cooking at the same time. You can connect this topic to the previous one and have a smooth conversation.

6. True Passion

Ask them something along these lines-” If you had so much money that you didn’t have to work a day in your life, how would you spend your time?”  This will tell you about their true values and interests. 

7. Outdoors or Indoors

Do they enjoy playing video games or do they prefer taking a picnic in the park? Maybe they enjoy camping? There’s plenty to talk about on this topic! In addition, it’s a perfect chance to agree on an idea for your next date. See what we did there?

We hope you liked our 7 topics to talk about on a first date (or any other). But above all, remember- the most important thing is to be yourself and enjoy the date! Check out our blog post here on topics you should probably leave out.

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