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Video Dates


The video trend has taken over many different industries and the dating one is no exception. With video, you get so much more than a two-dimensional representation of a human being. You get the overall vibe, the voice, the moment, the feeling, etc.

The pandemic has certainly impacted the lives of many singles looking to meet their other half. Today, we’re lucky enough technology has improved so much that such a calamitous event as the COVID19 hasn’t completely halted our ability to stay in touch with those closest to our hearts and meet new people. 

The good news is dating doesn’t have to stop…and it hasn’t! Blindlee lets you go on a real date with a real person, not someone behind a questionable profile. No ‘catalogs’ of people here. No catfishing either. 

Blindlee connects you with a person who matches your criteria. You go on a blurred 3-minute video date and see if you get on well. You can unblur the video if you’re comfortable with it, it’s up to you. After the call ends, both of you get asked if the date went well. If you both answer affirmatively, you match and take it from there. 

But WHY video?

There is a reason why all major social media platforms have lately been promoting videos more than static material. Videos tell greater stories! Videos transfer emotions. They make you feel like the people you’re talking to are really here. Think about it, how do you prefer to talk to your loved ones? By going on a video call or just starring at their photo? Exactly. 

With video, you know you are talking to a real person! Once that video unblurs, they can’t really lie about their appearance now, can they? You get so much more information: you hear their voice, their laugh, you see how they make you feel, and so much more!

Also, once you feel like you would love to grab a coffee or lunch with your new potential soulmate, you’ll have a lot more confidence as you have already gone on a great date with them. 

What do you think of video dating? Does it scare you or are you loving it?

Never been on a video date before? Are you asking yourself “What is it like?” “How do I prepare?”? Don’t worry, here are some tips on how to prepare for your first video date. 


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