Keep Dating During Coronavirus Lockdown

Dating During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Should you keep dating during the Coronavirus lockdown? With the virus still present and restrictions still in place, you might feel like finding a partner and dating during these unfortunate times is pointless. It is not. We are social beings who always seek love and connection. While social distancing at first glance might not look like it could be a good thing for your love life, here are some reasons why we think it could and why you should still date during the lockdown, in a safe manner of course.

No Pressure

Take it slowly- dating is not shopping! You have the chance to really get to know someone and build a more genuine connection. No pressure. No rushing. Get to truly know the other person before the kissing starts.

Save Time

You can tell a lot about a person from their communication with you. For instance, do they constantly talk about themself? Are they paying attention to you when you talk? Do they interrupt you frequently? How do they make you feel? There is no point in losing time on getting ready for a date, commuting, spending money, and then finding out it was never going to work in the first place. Luckily, today this can all be avoided by talking to them online first.

Bye Money Negotiations

Who’ll take care of the check? Should we split it? Will they like the place I chose? All these questions are history. A video date can take place anywhere, anytime, and cost you nothing.


Coronavirus, while restricting our movement and social life, also gives us more time to truly engage with other people. Attraction can be triggered rapidly, but feelings of deep attachment take time to develop and require a lot more than appealing physical attributes. This is why it’s important to get to know the person well enough at first. Don’t waste time on someone who isn’t for you just because you like the way they look.

Great, but how do I do that now? How do I find people who are also looking for something more?

Easy, get on a dating app like Blindlee. Unlike other apps where you judge people based on their profile (a bit catalog-like), with Blindlee you go on blurred video dates with real people! You can unblur the video whenever you feel like it.

A personality you find attractive might come from a body that’s not typically your type, love is blind after all. Also, you can rest assured that that person is only talking to you since it’s physically impossible to have multiple video dates at the same time. To see exactly why we think Blindlee is better than other dating apps, click here.

Did you put your love life on hold? Or have you been dating during the Coronavirus lockdown? What do you think about the effect Coronavirus has had on the dating life? Let us know in the comment section below.

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