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5 Topics To Avoid On A First Date

You’ve probably already made a list in your head of how you will make yourself look desirable in the eyes of your crush. You might even have made a list of what to ask your date.

That’s great. But to prevent things from going wrong there are some topics that are best to avoid on a fist date. We’ve made a list of these topics:

  • The number of partners you’ve had

This is definitely not something you should be talking about on your first date. It’s better to talk about this much later in the relationship to avoid making your potential partner think that you only care about having a good time.

  • Your ex

Do not mention your ex or they will think you are still hung up on them and if you still are, it’s better to solve these issues before you go out there dating.

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  • Lies

This is not an interview for a job so you do not have to embellish parts of your life to impress your date. They love to cook but you can’t even boil an egg? They enjoy going to the opera and you know you would hate every minute of it? Say it and it might even make your partner laugh (who can’t cook an egg?). Better be honest from the beginning otherwise it will backfire later and hurt your partner.

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  • Marriage

You might want to marry some day and your date might have the same idea, however mentioning it on a first date is a big no-go. You’ve just met so you don’t want to put pressure on the person. You don’t know them very well so how do you already know they are the right one to marry?
  •  You look worse than your photo

It’s good to be honest, but not hurtful. Besides, you would not like to go on a date and be criticised for your looks. If you made some ideas about how this person looks like and you are disappointed, be polite and move on. 

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