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5 Signs He Really Cares About You

He might be treating you right, bringing you flowers and compliment you all the time. But if you’ve been in several relationships and you are not sure if he really is into you, there are signs that show you that he really cares. Which ones are those?

  • He asks you for advice

Men are picky with friends so they won’t just hang out with anyone, or ask anyone advice about their life or career, or just tell anyone their worries. If they choose to talk to you about it, that’s a clear sign he cares about you.

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  • Bed tales

If he’s selfish in bed, he’s selfish in life and that is a very clear sign. You might want to have a word with him about that, or part ways.

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  • It’s all about compromise

You would not compromise for someone you didn’t like so if he compromises for you for things like going to a romantic movie you like (if he prefers a different movie genre), or tolerates a meeting with your friend that he doesn’t like, well, he’s your man!

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  • Every little thing matters

Does he remember small things that you mentioned in a conversation? Like the fact that you watched Sailor Moon cartoons as a kid and then buys you a Sailor Moon t-shirt or tries to bake your favourite cake as a surprise? He is probably in love with you.

  • He pays attention

They say that most people only wait for you to finish talking so they can say their opinion, but they don’t actually listen to you. If he does that, asks for details and wants to know more, then he cares. 

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