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Why Is Blindlee Better Than Other Dating Apps?

You’ve probably tried online dating in the last few years and many times you felt like giving up. Many of us did. You think that by going online you can choose the right person to fit in your life: you can choose someone who likes exactly what you like (whether it’s Friends or obscure Korean movies), you can choose your exact physical type and a personality that matches or completes yours.

Many times you were thrilled when you thought you met the one, only to be disappointed in real-life when you discovered that they are actually 10 years older, did not look at all as on their profile pictures or they had a different personality than they portrayed. What went wrong there? 

Wouldn’t you like to avoid wasting time and avoid the frustration of online dating? Wouldn’t you like to actually see the real person and talk to their real self before meeting them? Here are some reasons why our Blindlee app is so much better than other dating apps:

No more swiping

You will not need to feel strange any longer by having to judge people based on their looks and swipe right or left like at a market.

No judging people by their looks

Real love goes beyond looks and we all know that. Just like the “Love Is Blind” Netflix show, you will not be able to completely see the person you are talking too as it starts blurred – that is until you want to see more, as women have control over the blur. You will be able to know the person before you see them.

No more waiting for them to text you

Waiting by the phone and hoping they will text back?  Can’t think of a clever message to send them? There will be none of that! There will be direct and spontaneous conversation with your date in real-time, just like you would on a date in real-life. We even suggest fun ice-breakers during the blurred video call.

No surprises

Ever went on a date after talking to someone online and found out they are actually 20 years older or look very different than the person you saw in the photos? Yes, sadly many of us have been to such dates. There will be no surprises with Blindlee. You will actually have a video date with them so real-life dating won’t bring any disappointing surprises. Look at it like a pre-date activity.

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