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How To Prepare For A First Video Date

Going out on a date is pretty exciting and nerve wracking. What outfit should you wear? How should you do your hair? What are you going to order once you are there? What are you even going to talk about?

With the rise of online video dating we don’t need to stress that much about certain aspects of real-life dating, but how much effort should we make? Are there any rules? Surely you don’t need to shave or put money in your purse. We’ve made a video and a mini guide to help you.


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What to wear

Thankfully, you won’t need to wear any heels, or match your purse with your shoes! You can wear a pair of comfy jeans with a nice t-shirt with a print if you want to look cute and smart. However, there is no need for an office shirt or a sparkly blouse as it will look like you put too much effort in it.

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Where to have the date

Of course, it will be in your home, but have you thought about the background? Is there any old Backstreet Boys poster or anything that you wouldn’t want your date to see? We think the best place in the house would be either on the sofa, or at a table with a nice clean background.

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When to have the date

The best thing about online dating is that you don’t have to take the bus to anywhere so you won’t be late. Mornings are not really the best for video dates as some people are not morning people so it’s better to avoid having a puffy face or being groggy. Afternoons and evenings are the best, as you can set up a nice atmosphere with some candles or a lamp.

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Should you eat or drink?

Spaghetti is probably not the best choice for a date in real-life or online. We recommend a few nibbles if you feel hungry, such as olives or crackers and a nice glass of wine.

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Topics to talk about

Afraid you won’t know what to talk about? What if you get stuck in awkward silence? We’ve all been there! Well, the good thing about video dating is that you can Google some topics while you are talking to your date, without them knowing!

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