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5 Games for Couples in Quarantine

We’re all stuck these days and there’s only so much Netflix you can watch. We bet you already know all the scenes in Friends before they happen. Could you BE more bored?! Well, there are other fun things you can do with your partner. Yes, you can do that thing in the bedroom as usual, but apart from that there are some fun games you can play. And with some games you’ll even get naked. Yay!

1. The Dice Game

This one is easy! All you need is a dice. Decide beforehand for each point what you have to do and write it down! You roll the dice and get 2 points? Kiss your partner’s ear! 6 points? Back massage!

Bonus: if you get the same number of points in a row you get a shot of whiskey or a sip of Prosecco (you decide!)

2.  Movie Kissing Game

This one is great fun. Choose a fun movie you both enjoy watching and every time a certain word is mentioned or a certain action happens you have to kiss. We dare you to finish the movie!

3. Strip Poker

Who are we kidding here? Don’t know how to play poker? Any card game will do!

4. Twister

Go into your attic or search your cupboards, you should have an old Twister game somewhere. Why not go back to your childhood with your partner?

5. Truth or Dare

This game was pretty exciting when you were a teenager but it could be even more exciting with your partner now. You could dare him to eat something disgusting from the fridge or tell you something embarrassing from his past. 

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