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5 Cute Text Messages To Send To A Girl You Like

You’ve fallen for her after your first few dates and now you are lost for words? Your heart is beating but your mind went blank? Don’t worry, we can help you out with some inspiration if you want to text her some cute, flirty messages:

  • I had a dream about you last night.

You can start with this cute message to pique her curiosity and then continue with a little story. Though be careful not to cross the line and see where your relationship is standing at the moment.

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  • I can’t focus at all these days, because all I am thinking about is you.

This message is guaranteed to make her smile.

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  • I miss you.

It’s simple, short and to the point, but don’t say it if you do not feel the L word yet.

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  • I wish you were here.

If you are having dinner with friends or watching a movie at home and you let her know that you wish you’d be able to spend that time with her, you will make her feel special.

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  • I’d love to cuddle with you right now.

This sweet text will make her feel all fuzzy inside.

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