5 Flirty Messages He Will Love

It probably takes you hours to think of a good message that is not too cringy, neither too cheesy or makes you regret you sent it just after you clicked that button. Do you want to make him smile and miss you? What are the best messages to send and without coming off as desperate or cold?

  • I’m still thinking about last night

If you’ve had a romantic date or a hot steamy night, sending him this message the day after will surely put you on his mind and make him smile.

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  • I can’t focus at work, I keep thinking about you

What better way to let him know that he is always on your mind and that he made such an impression on you that you can’t even focus?

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  • I think our lips should have a meeting

This is the perfect cheeky yet flirty message that will make him want you more.

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  • A kiss burns 7 calories in a minute. Do you want to work out?

Who doesn’t like a good old joke with a flirty twist?

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  • I want to cook for you tonight, what would you like?

They say that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so if you enjoy cooking why not make a date of it?

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