First Date
First Date

Feeling Nervous? Here’s How to Prepare for Your First Date

Happy new year! Wishing you an amazing 2020 full of blind love!

Oh, it’s always exciting when that guy or girl asks you out! You can’t wait for that magical evening to begin. Yet most of us get quite nervous when we realise we don’t know what to wear or what to do so as to avoid giving the wrong impression. So, how should you prepare for your first date?

1. Bla bla bla

You might be dressed all nice and smell amazing but if there’s nothing to talk about, your date might end early (which is when your date gives the typical ‘I have to wake up early tomorrow’ excuse). It’s a good idea to remember if they have an interesting hobby, and maybe even to learn about it. Your date will be impressed with your (limited) knowledge.

2. Wearing a fragrance

The right fragrance can make you really attractive. How do you know if you picked the right one? Some people are sensitive to perfume and others even hate it. Less is more and because most people can’t smell the perfume on their own body after spraying it, they tend to spray some more. You should only apply a tiny bit of perfume on your neck or your wrists so your date can smell it only when they get really close to you.

3. Don’t be late!

Plan your date on time and try to arrive slightly early. If you need to shower and arrange your hair and then drive your car through traffic, you should plan ahead. Otherwise, arriving late is a sign of disrespect and it might mean that you won’t get to the second date.

4. Eat

This advice might sound weird, but if you go to a bar or to a restaurant that will take forever to bring your food, you don’t want to be hangry (hungry & angry) and snap on your date so if you’re going for drinks make sure to eat before which will also avoid your stomach from growling.

5. Cash or card?

Make sure you have both just in case the restaurant’s card machine is not working. You don’t want your date to have to pay for the whole bill, unless you both agree to do so.

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