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Dating Habits From Around The World

Not only are cultures and traditions different in every country, but dating also has its peculiarities. What do people do when they go out on a date in different parts of the world? We have made a list of 10 dating habits from around the world.

1. Japan

In Japan people don’t really go out on a first date. They meet each other via friends and hang out in groups of friends and after meeting someone that likes them too, they become a couple. Public display of affection is strongly discouraged which means couples will not hold hands or hug in public. Dating is taken seriously, so there is no such thing as casual dating, and the ultimate purpose is…marriage.

2. China

Believe it or not, in China there are such things as dating schools for men which help them navigate their romantic life. Traditionally though, families arrange blind dates when someone wants to find the one.

3. France

When you go on dates in France there is no pressure, you don’t need to call each other boyfriend and girlfriend, you can just relax and enjoy life. The French let nature takes it course so if you continue dating the same person (meaning lots of French Kisses), it basically means you are together and that’s it. 

4. Mexico

Dating in Mexico is traditional. People dress up for the date and men pay for the dinner. Public display of affection is quite common and it is normal to see many couples holding hands or kissing in public.

5. India

There are many arranged marriages in India so dating usually involves meeting your future partner through family connections. There really is no casual dating, so if you have a second date with someone, it’s highly likely you are heading towards marriage and most people marry within a few months.

6. Uganda

Dating in Uganda almost always means asking people on their first date if they have children and if not, if they are willing to get married. It might seem that it’s a bit direct, but perhaps it is better to know how things are and set the record straight from the start.

7. Russia

Russians are very traditional which means men will come with flowers, will pay for dinner and will open doors for women.  People will dress up when going out on dates (which may or may not involve drink a considerable amount of vodka), and post-marriage life remains traditional with couples having traditional and defined roles for both the men and the women.

8. Spain

Spanish people love romantic gestures and public display of affection. Dinner and a movie? No no, not in Spain! You will most likely enjoy a very romantic candle lit dinner followed by a romantic walk in the park, while your partner will whisper sweet things in your ear.

9. Scandinavia

Scandinavians (that is Norwegians, Swedes and Danish people) are not known to be flirty or to ask you out on a date unless they know for sure you like them back. Once you start dating a Scandinavian you should know that: you have to be on time for your date, you will equally split everything and you will spend a lot of time outdoors as they love exploring their beautiful landscapes.

10. South Africa

Dating in South Africa is not very different from other countries, apart from some details: the place where you meet someone will have an influence over what people will expect from you. If you meet someone in a bar, they will consider you with a short term mind-set, whereas if you meet them through friends, they will think of you with a long term mind-set.

How does dating work in your part of the world? Let us know by contacting us by email or on social media and we may add it to this article.

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