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5 Dating Resolutions For The New Year

An ideal partner seems like something out of a fairy tale. Do they really exist or are they a figment of our imagination? Why can’t we find somebody who fits us perfectly? Is there a magic formula for us singles? Or a mathematical formula like for those people who constantly win at poker? Do we ask ourselves too many questions when it’s about dating? Here are some resolutions that might help you next year:

  • Go on a date with someone you would normally not consider dating

We judge people by their looks most of the time and that’s how we lead our lives. So why not do things differently this year and try date people you would normally not date? They do say opposites attract. You might find the one where you did not look before. But don’t forget your standards.

  • Socialize

Ugh, why not just Netflix? Yeah, we get it. It’s the weekend, you can finally sleep till noon and binge watch that comedy series you were waiting for all week. And finally, you don’t have to fake smiles like you do in the office with your coworkers every day. But unless the characters in your Netflix series come to life and chill with you in your living room, you need to get out more and meet new people. Go dancing, go for a drink, go to a meetup. We promise it won’t hurt.

  • Do not cancel!

Everyone has that friend who always invites everyone to events, parties, clubs, festivals and so on. But you love saying no. Well, why not say yes this year to at least one event a week and see where it leads you? 

  • Fix yourself before you wreck yourself

If you are still not over your ex or you are going through some emotional storm, it’s better to take care of yourself before putting yourself out there. Your future partner’s job is not to fix you so make sure you heal yourself first, whether that means cutting ties with your ex, going on a holiday to recover or going to a psychologist. You will be able to give so much more once you are out there in the dating scene.

  • Red Flags!

Listen to your instincts this year and if anything feels off, take off! Is your date rude to the waiter? Do they ignore your texts but when you are with them they check their phone all the time? They don’t want to introduce you to their friends or family? These are a few of the red flags you might notice when you are with them.

Last but not least, here at Blindlee we wish you an amazing year full of happiness, joy, good health, success and also love!

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