6 Signs That You Met the Right Person

Butterflies in your stomach? Feeling dizzy? Hopefully it’s not stomach flu and you fell in love. But are there any other signs you should look for when meeting the right person? We made a list of 6 signs to give you some clues:

1. You share the same views of the future

If you both seem to have a similar vision of the future: wanting or not wanting kids, having a house in the suburbs or living the high life in the city, then it’s usually off to a good start. It’s quite important to know about these facts early on, as people rarely change their minds later on – especially when it comes to having children.

2. Sorry not sorry

It’s a sign of maturity if your partner says sorry when they are in the wrong and they have no problems admitting it. You will be able to handle future issues without too much stress and you will be able to have mature conversations with your beloved one.

3. Trust

They say trust is earned and you won’t probably know right away if you can trust them. However, if you share something private with them early on and you notice they keep it that way without even sharing it with their best friend then that’s a good sign you can trust them.

4. Change

Everyone has standards and they want someone that looks a certain way or likes certain things. But if you met someone who wants to change you or you feel like changing them, then think twice before continuing. You may disagree with change and this will only bring frustration in the relationship.

5. Support

They support you on everything you do no matter what? You nay have found the one. The right partner will make you grow as a person, develop yourself and make you become a better human being. 

6. Your friends like your partner

They say that you are who you hang out with, so if your friends like your partner, that’s a great sign. Your friends reflect who you are and you might be too smitten to realise the person might not be the right for you, however your friends know you best and their instincts will tell them right away if they are the one for you.

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