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10 Interesting Questions to Ask On a First Date

No matter how interesting two people can get, a conversation can sometimes become stale and when you are on a first date that is the last thing you’d want to happen. Here are some interesting questions which may spark fun conversations and as a bonus you will find out more about your partner’s character, likes and dislikes.

1. Who do you admire the most?

Their answer will definitely tell you a lot about themselves especially if they mention a celebrity who might or might not be a good role model. 

2. What’s one thing you would do for the rest of your life if you were paid a lot of money to do it?

Your date might have some hobbies or a hidden passion that they always wanted to do but couldn’t because life got in the way. What if they always wanted to write that book or left painting aside because they had to work in an office? 

3. What’s your favourite childhood memory?

It is impossible that you won’t make your date smile as they will go down memory lane…

4. What is your best friend like?

Most of us tend to be attracted to people who are similar to us, so describing their best friend would mean describing themselves. 

5. What do you think was the best time of your life so far?

Yes, we are down on memory lane again. For some people it’s college years, for others it might be trips they took with friends – no matter the memories this question will spark some interesting dialogue.

6. If they made a movie after your life who would play you?

This conversation is guaranteed to make both parts laugh or perhaps cringe if they choose Mr. Bean.

7. What’s your ideal weekend like?

A perfect way to find out if you both enjoy the same things or you should part ways. What if he likes camping but she prefers to go to art galleries? Maybe build some art on a camping site?

8. How would your friends describe you?

This is quite a fun question as your date will have to make an effort to see themselves from an outside perspective.

9. What’s your relationship deal breaker?

Well, because we should know about this in advance, shouldn’t we? What if they hate people who party late at night, or they can’t stand people who enjoy watching horror movies? Or worse yet – if they like pineapple on pizza?

10. What do you like most about yourself?

Most people are humble so they don’t tend to brag much on dating profiles or to friends, but everyone has something about themselves that they love. You might find new and surprising things about your (potential) future partner.

Do you have questions you think we should add? Let us know!

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